Our village, Fuendecampo, is located in La Fueva Valley, under the mountains Peña Montañesa, Cotiella and Sierra Ferrera.

Fuendecampo is 12 km (7,5 miles) far from the medieval village Ainsa by the N-260 road, also called "the Transpyrenean". It is a peaceful place where you can forget urban life in preserved widlife, go for long and relaxing walks or contemplate impressive sunsets on the peaks Cotiella and Peña Montañesa. A quiet and peaceful place, where you may only be disturbed by birds singing or crickets... That is what is called "The Magic of Country Life".


Casa Sastre flats

The house is an old hayloft, also used as a cowshed, which is in front of the Cottage. Both houses are separated by a threshing floor, the place where cereals were threshed in summer when wheat and oat were harvested.

The top floor of the house was used as a hayloft where grass and hay for animals was stocked. It slid through big holes in the floor down to the troughs and racks of the animals.

The ground floor sheltered the animals.

The hayloft was restored in year 2000 into 2 flats and the cowshed was turned into a third flat in 2005.